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Henrik Ibsens play Hedda Gabler (1891) and Zora Neale Hurstons short story Sweat (1926) emerge from very different social contexts. In terms of nationality, ethnicity, class background, and life situations their protagonists Hedda Gabler and Delia Jones are worlds apart. However, both women are in unhappy marriages and are limited by the roles society has assigned to them.
Write a well-developed essay in which you compare and contrast: (a) Heddas and Delias situations at the beginning of the play or story in relation to wider society; (b) their relationships with their husbands; (c) the ways they deal with their situations and marriages; (d) your interpretation of their final decisions at the end of the play or story; and (e) how the authors use of symbol or other literary techniques enhances your understanding of the theme of the texts.
Required Support from Primary Source: Your essay must be based primarily on your own close reading of Ibsens and Hurstons texts. Reread the works carefully as you work on this essay. Use evidence from the texts to support your analysis. Evidence comes in the form of example, quotation, and paraphrase from the texts; you must also explain how the evidence supports your argument.
Research and Required Support from Secondary Sources: You must use at least TWO secondary sources of a scholarly nature for this assignment. The sources should be specific to the relevant literary texts; select at least one critical source on Hedda Gabler and at least one on Sweat. See what types of secondary sources are and are not permissible at the top of the next page.
General Instructions: Develop a clear thesis related to the topic to focus and organize your analysis throughout your essay. The thesis should highlight the main similarities or differences you identify. Give your essay a title that reflects your focus. In developing your essay, re-read the works carefully, so that you are able to develop a clear argument and also draw out good textual evidence for your analysis. Carefully read all Requirements and General Guidelines below so that you meet all requirements.

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