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Choose one of the following to consider when writing your paper:
1. What would you recommend that Honicker (USA) do first to ensure success in this situation? Develop a checklist of actions and strategies that Honicker Corp. should undertake at this juncture to develop support for their EPM initiative. Provide justification for each action and strategy.
2. Assume that Gamma (Australia) and Delta (Mexico) Companies argue that their clients and stakeholders have not readily accepted the project management approach and they wish to be left alone with regard to dealing with their clients? What if, after all attempts, Gamma (Australia) and Delta (Mexico) companies refuse to come on board? Which steps would you recommend that Honicker Corp. take to address the situation?
3. If all four companies (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta) were willing to cooperate with one another and accept implementation of the EPM system, which steps should Honicker Corp. (USA) take (as the primary company) to ensure success in the markets controlled by all companies? Justify your answer.
4. What if all four companies agree to the project management methodology and then some of the client stakeholders show a lack of support for use of the methodology? Which steps should Honicker Corp. (as the primary company) take in this situation? Justify your answer.

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