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In a two page paper using APA format

1.  What is the history of voting in America, how has it changed over time and for whom? 
2.  Historically speaking, are there segments of the population who have benefited more from having access to the ballot? If so, discuss the benefits for those who had access as opposed to those who did not.  If you do not believe there have been segments of the population who disproportionately benefited from having access to voting, please explain your position.
3.  Are there any barriers that exist today with voting rights and access and, if so, what are they?  Whether yes or no, please elaborate on your stance. 
4.  Discuss your understanding of the relationship between voting and social work practice, drawing from historical examples, information you have read, employment experiences, or what you might imagine it to be based on what you’ve learned during your MSW educational experience. 
5.  Describe the role of a social worker at the micro, mezzo and macro level of practice as it relates to voting rights and access.  How might they intervene at each level and in what kinds of agencies might they be employed?
6.  Explain why voting is either important or unimportant to you and why.  Reflect on whether your view on this is different using your personal and professional lenses.

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