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After reading Lynn Nottage’s Las Meninas, think about how the theme of Cultural Identity (discussed in M6S2: Diversity in Contemporary Theatre presentation) is addressed in this play.

In 300 to 500 words, evaluate the importance of Cultural Identity to at least two of the four main characters of the play (Louise , Queen Marie, Nabo Sensugali, or King Louis XIV).

You may wish to investigate how each characters’ cultural identity affected her or his language, relationship to other characters, relative power, self-esteem, costume/visual appearance, etc.

The paper should have a brief introduction followed by one or two body paragraphs and a brief conclusion.  Your paper must contain at least 2, well-integrated examples of textual evidence from Las Meninas in order to support your claims.  Since no outside research is required, I will not require a Works Cited page or in-text citations for this assignment, but I will be looking for your effective integration of your textual evidence into your writing.  Please observe all other style, grammar, and punctuation guides for formal, academic writing.  Remember, this is a paper, not a discussion or blog post, so do your best to avoid 1st person references (“I,” “me,” “my,” etc.) and proofread your work for typos, spelling, and accuracy.  I highly recommend reading your paper out loud as one of your proofreads, as this is a good way to catch grammar, syntax, and sentence structure issues.

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