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Your Written Assignment should include:
1.Create an introduction about prospecting methods and how they can be useful in generating leads for the company.
2.Research prospecting methods in Chapter 5 in our textbook and online. Choose two traditional and two modern prospecting methods.
3.Identify each of the four prospecting methods you chose with details of why they would be effective for your skills as a salesperson. Why would a combination of traditional and modern work best?
4.Write a conclusion on what you learned in your research on prospecting.

Our projects will follow the Written Assignment Guidelines and Format.

Assignments should be typed in 12-point font. Your project should be 750 to 1000  words without the questions. Please do not exceed 1500 words.
Business students should write in APA format.
Preview your document before uploading it to make sure it looks professional and well-organized.
Cite any sources at the end of your assignment. Using citation generators (Links to an external site.) is acceptable. All citations should be made in APA format.  (Links to an external site.)

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