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Begin to gather information from the Tenement Museum website now, read about the family.
Pick an Eastern European Country whose people immigrated to the United States around the late 1800s -early 1900s and research why this occurred.
Discuss that country’s situation at that time, how the population lived, the reason that prompted the migration, what they hoped to accomplish, their experiences upon arrival, how they lived, worked, etc.
Document the key diversity concerns for that country and its inhabitants and anycultural shock they would have experienced upon their arrival to the U.S. if any.
Conclude with any insights obtained from our visit to the museum on December 8, 2020.
Attach the final project in a Word or PDF document. The entire paper must conform to APA 7th edition requirements (Cover page, NOabstract, main body with an introduction, headings, and proper use of paragraphs, conclusion, references page). Do not forget to cite the authors and the information sources within the paper appropriately, as well as on the References page. You must use an academic journalas one of the resources. Do not use sources such as wikis or magazines, they are not reliable sources.

Summary – You should submit

Submit your paper as a Word or PDF document, formatted in APA style.
This document should contain no less than three pages of well-written paragraphs, excluding the title page and references page.
You must cite your sources where applicable in the body of your paper. APA style.

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