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I have attached the first 5 images, I need a additional 5 for a total of 10

Complete a first draft of your Final Project and submit here to check your use of outside sources using Turnitin.
You will have a slide show of 12-15 slides (that number doesn’t include the title slide and the references page).
You want your draft to be complete as possible:
Include your title slide, the second slide that outlines your argument, and your References slide(s).
Make your first draft as complete as possible so that your instructor can give your feedback that helps your project improve.  If you’re not offering your best effort, with every draft, it’s hard to improve.
Make sure that any/all information that is from other sources is cited using APA style.
Be sure all 10 of your graphics are cited with a URL directly underneath.
These citations go in the slides, but not on the References page.  This is true ONLY for graphic elements.
You will use the Turnitin Originality report to revise your presentation next week.

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