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Assignment: Promising Worlds in our Solar System

There are two promising worlds within our solar system that have garnered enough attention and serious considerations are planned to explore them.

Make an argument for why Europa and Mars are seen as the most important places to explore in our solar system for potential signs of past or living life. Explain what conditions make the world potentially habitable. Your next assignments (in session 4 and 5) will focus on the types of lifeforms that may be found there and missions planned to explore these worlds, so focus this assignment on the characteristics of the location itself that make it scientifically interesting.

Your assignment should be about 500 words in length and should highlight the features of each world that provide evidence of past or potential life. The more pertinent information you provide in a coherent, logical, scientific argument the stronger your grade. Your work must be in your own words and must not contain any cutting and pasting from the Internet or other sources. That includes cutting paragraphs and changing a few words – that is not acceptable.

Use the videos that I uploaded.

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