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General Directions for Note Cards: See the format in the attachment below.  Once you have your sources, then you need to start reading them, and as you go through them take notes on note cards.  Because this is an online class, this may be a little awkward, but the curriculum states you need to know how to do note cards, so you will need to download the form and then upload 20 cards with either a quote or a paraphrase from your source material. ONE QUOTE OR ONE PARAPHRASE ON EACH CARD! I would say to use a few of your sources to get your 20 cards, but you don’t have to have cards from all sources YET!  MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE ORGANIZATION AND PLACEMENT OF INFORMATION ON THE CARD THE WAY IT IS ILLUSTRATED IN THE ATTACHMENT BELOW.  Note cards are used to save time when you get to the outline, so you can find specific quotes and information without having to read through all your sources again. In the right corner you choose either for your side or the against side depending on the quote or paraphrase.  The left top corner is for you to decide whether you think you might use the info in your intro., body, or conclusion.


1.    Put ONE quote (long or short) or ONE paraphrase on each card. Reference as needed the MLA Documentation for Quotes and Paraphrasing in the classroom.
2.    Be sure to following the organization and placement of information on the cards as illustrated in the Note Card Template (page 2).
3.    Format of the Front of the Note Card
a.    In the center, record the title and author of the source.
b.    The left top corner is for you to decide whether you think you might use the quote or paraphrase in your introduction, body, or conclusion.
c.    In the right corner you identify if the quote or paraphrase will be used to support your side of the argument or the opposing side.
d.    The bottom right is to record the page number that your information (quote or paraphrase) was located in your source (journal, book, etc.)
e.    On the bottom left is to identify the argument that this quote or paraphrase will address.
4.    Format of the Back of the Note Card
a.    Write the paraphrase or the direct quote that you are taking from the source material.
b.    Include a brief statement of what you will say about this paraphrase or quote.
The Blank Note Card template is an attachment below, so you can type your 20 notes directly on blanks OR print multiple copies (20) and handwrite your notes from your sources. Once you have learned the format for note cards, you will obviously be using regular note cards for your future studies.  (Go to Next Page)

Note; Please use the attached sample Note card out iline

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