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Answer the following questions below. Please, insure that your responses are well written, supported by examples for the issues and claims that you make.

1.    Discuss the impact of one current global issue that you think will continue to impact our world. What is the problem and what solutions do you personally have to save this world from that problem?

2.    Race has become a very serious issue confronting our already divided world. Discuss specifically what the problems about race are and the solutions you recommend for this world to understand the need for different races to coexist.

3.    Discuss the basic elements of Putin’s policy and what are the reasons for Russian Presidents distrust of the West?

4. What are the differences between just, unjust secrets, and lies in government? What then are the essential differences between leakers and whistleblowers? In your opinion, what do you recommend as some punishments for the activities of these individuals?

5.    Why do you think political candidates running for offices build their platforms on empty promises? Do you think it is selfish of them to appeal to a certain audience to be elected and not fulfill the promises that have been made before the election?

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