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Write a paper in which you consider each of the following functions in turn, and identify the most important key recent development of each:  human resource management and development; civil rights, affirmative action and diversity for public organizations; budgeting for the public sector; public policy and management; and administrative law.  Write a conclusion in which you explain how these areas of PA study are connected.
Please remember that the information and instructions in regard to writing and styling your papers remains the same as in the first writing assignment.  You may write as few as four, or as many as seven, pages of text.  Each paper should have a title page and a bibliography / reference section.  Each paper must be paginated, and styled using APSA format. 

This is a conclusion paper for this class.  So this paper MUST take into account the following textbook and NEW research, please cite textbooks and new research in paper:

Milakovich, Michael E. and George J. Gordon.  Latest edition.  Public Administration in America.  Belmont, CA:  Wadsworth Publishing Co.

Shafritz, Jay M., and Albert C. Hyde, eds. Latest edition.  Classics of Public Administration.  Wadsworth Publishing Co.

Style Manual: 

American Political Science Association.  2006.  Style Manual for Political Science. Washington, DC:  APSA.  The APSA manual will be posted on our site in the Syllabus folder.

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