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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Post whatever content you developed under each area since your basic outline.


Specific Purpose:


        Attention Getter
        Preview of Main Points


        Main Points
        Sub points


        Closing Signal
        Review of Main Points
        Closing Statement

Provide feedback to each peer in the group.


Your draft outline is an expansion of your basic outline. It should include basic elements for the development of your introduction, body, and conclusion.  (Refer to the Outline Guide).
Your outline is a blueprint that helps you to prepare for your speech. Writing an outline helps you to decide what you will say in the introduction, how you will organize the main points and supporting materials in the body, and what you will say in the conclusion. It helps to ensure that you have adequate supporting materials for your main points, that related items are together, and that your ideas flow from one another.
Your final outline needs to be in the format as reflected in the Outline Guide.
Speeches need effective introductions and conclusions.
The main objectives of the introduction are to gain the attention of the audience, reveal the topic and its relevance, establish your credibility, and preview the body of the speech.
The primary function of the conclusion is to signal the end of the speech and reinforce the central idea.
You should have at least two sub-points to support each main point.
Speeches need strong supporting material to bolster your point of view. Specific and credible details are more convincing than unsupported generalizations. Your knowledge alone will not convince the audience.
My topic CBD products.
Topic: CBD Products

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the strategic measures that can be taken to enter the CBD market.

Thesis: The CBD market is an increasingly growing one with many potential healthy products that are gaining market traction.

Main Points:

It is imperative to have a proper financial plan before the commencement of any dealership of CBD products.

There is a need to have a holistic and all-encompassing business plan or strategy to guide CBD products.

There is a fundamental need to have a proper branding and market-entry strategy that will make ones CBD products to be popular among customers.

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