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    Make sure you pay attention to how much each question is worth and your answer should reflect that. 
    I am not looking for you to regurgitate material from the course but rather to see how you can synthesize and apply what you have learned.  I am looking for informed answers and opinions that are well written and that contain examples.
    You are expected to have read the assigned chapters of The Elements of Counseling and The Gift of Therapy as well as the power-point slides and notes from each class session.  All this should be reflected in your answers. I do not want to see generic information and thoughts off the top of your head. I want to see informed answers that are consistent with graduate level work. Responses that are well thought out, comprehensive and go beyond the minimum are more likely to earn a higher grade.
    Please do not write each question again followed by your answer. If you do that, you will have 5% deducted. Simply write the question # followed by your answer.
For each question, you will be assessed using the following criteria:
    You answered the question fully,
    You answered the question accurately,
    You showed evidence of having read all the pertinent course materials,
    You effectively incorporated this information into your answer,
    You gave accurate and appropriate examples,
    You constructed a thoughtful and coherent response,
    You displayed critical thinking and writing skills consistent with graduate level work.

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