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Answer these 4 questions based on each of these videos. There will be 6 videos uploaded.
1.    What were the short-term targets and expected outcomes of the treatment session?

2.    Fully describe the session, and include the following within your narrative:
a.    What materials and activities were used?
What elements of the practitioners path (using the terminology from your textbook) were evidenced?  For example, how did incorporating specific principles of reflection, counsel and care, balance and harmony, growth, and/or detachment support the therapy session?

3.    Were the goals for this therapy session achieved?
a.    If yes, how do you know (describe outcomes and data). 
b.    If not, why?

4.    Describe your major learnings from this session, and include comments or questions you may have about the session.  Is there anything you might have done differently?

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