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consider the rhetorical power of Kings Letter from Birmingham Jail, especially its consideration of the idea of law. To do this, you will need to consider opposing arguments; lay out at least two of Dr. Kings; make one of your own; then offer a counterargument to your own before concluding.

The structure of your essay should look something like this:

I. Introduction (thesis statement at the end; remember, a paragraph should have at least three sentences)

II. Body

A. Summary: Alabama clergymens argument for stopping the demonstrations

B. Summary: Overview of Kings Letter from Birmingham Jail

1. King: argument for continuing lawful protest

2. King: another argument for continuing the demonstrations

C. Your Argument: which of the arguments above is most persuasive? Why?

D. Counterargument: what argument could you make against your own?

III. Conclusion (including a refreshing restatement of your main idea and of the validity of your own argument)

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