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II.1. Introduction (about 1 page)
    What is the topic and the research question you will discuss in this paper? Why is it important? At the beginning of the page include your name and use your research question as the title of the paper.

II.2. Literature Review (3 pages)
    Summarize the three articles you have selected in an analytical rather than desrptive way. Reflect on what you have learned from the articles and explain how each article relates to your research question.

II.3. Methodology (1 pages)
    Describe the methodology applied in the articles, which have helped the authors arrive at their conclusions.

II.4. Data Architecture (1 page)
    Critically assess the data architecture described in the articles, what kind of data the authors have used, how it was derived, from what sources it was derived, what organizations were involved in collecting and producing it.

II.5. Discussion (3 pages)
    In this section, propose your own way to address your research question. What would you do if you had to collect new data? How would you go about collecting more or different data, would you like to see the research question approached differently compared to what has been already done in the three other articles? Is there a new policy or law about the digital technology involved that you would propose?
Only doing section due November 30.

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