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GREEK AND ROMAN CULTURE Final Paper Prompt Arguably, the main difference between Socrates and the early Church Fathers was reflected in an attitude of heterodoxy versus an attitude of orthodoxy. For your final essay, describe how these attitudes of heterodoxy and orthodoxy were exhibited in the readings that we covered during this semester. How did Socrates and his fellow Athenians display a heterodox approach to encountering reality? How did the early development of the Catholic church display an orthodox approach to reality? What were the motivations behind these approaches? In which ways were Socrates and his fellow philosophers open-minded, and in which ways were the early Church Fathers and Roman emperors increasingly close-minded? Your source material for composing this essay should be both Hughes and Freemans texts. You are welcome and encouraged to conduct research beyond the material presented in this course, but you are not required to do so.

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