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    For the purposes of this assignment, one is to assume that you are a Junior Consultant with an international company that provides SCM advisory services.  Also, this company has a policy on written documents that requires everyone to use the MLA format for internal communications.  Your Managing Consultant is J. Bottomley.

Assignment Details

    For this assignment, you are to write a 1,000 (maximum) word memo in MLA format (both paper layout and referencing) in the field of supply chain management to:

1.take a difference position on a point mentioned in the video and support your different position with facts and analysis,

2.make a different conclusion than presented in the video and support your position with facts and analysis, OR identify and explain a country’s trade future (e.g. India, Indonesia, France) that is not in the video and support your point of view with facts and analysis.

The video can be found at:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-1MquvFmUA

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