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After reviewing the accompanying links, produce an Annotated Bibliography for a minimum of five academic sources related to your research paper topic. Minimum of 150 words per entry. Must be written entirely in your own words. No direct quotes allowed and obviously, plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a zero on the assignment.

Follow the following template:

Dedicate the first half of each entry to summarizing the author’s main ideas.

What were the author’s main focus and central argument? What were their key concepts?

What evidence did the author use to support their argument? How did they collect it? 

Dedicate the second half of each entry to reflecting on how the source fits into your research paper.

Did you find anything especially interesting or helpful about the piece?

Will any of the piece’s key concepts figure into your own discussion of the topic?

Do any concepts or arguments in this piece connect with others in your annotated bibliography?

The purpose of this assignment is to set you up for success in your research paper. The more effort you put into this step, the better off you will be going into the final weeks of the semester.

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