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Your term paper is based on watching this 12 minutes video about Dews Motors Group, a
family business located in the U.K. The owner, Mr. Dews gives a good view of his business that
you will find it resonates with what you are learning in this course.
After watching this segment, answer the following questions based on what you are learning in
this course up to the due date of this assignment.
1. Dews Motors Group is a multi-generational company, how can you characterize its shareholders
prior to the current ownership?
2. Did Dews Motors Group have ownership challenges, if so, how did they solve it?
3. Based on what you learned so far in this course, did the current owner put a good governance
structure in place? Explain.
4. Using the textbooks concepts, explain how Dews Motors Group was able to achieve
sustainability for the last three generations.
5. How would you evaluate leadership transfer to the current CEO, Mr. Dews, and explain the
driving forces behind it?
6. What were the set conditions by Mr. Dews to continue the spirit of the enterprise and do they
conform with the set standards in the textbook?
7. This company is an example of trans-generational entrepreneurship. Based on what you learned
from the textbook, how would you evaluate the initiatives, new management, put in place to
ensure its competitiveness in the marketplace?


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