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Write a literary analysis on one of the assigned stories (or a combination) that
includes supplemental borrowing from outside sources. Sources posted in iCollege or library
databases should be used. The essay should have an explicit thesis that states a message
conveyed by a single story or stories.
Topic Options:
1. The essay may be an analysis of one story covered after Essay 1.
2. The essay may be a comparison of two stories. For a comparison to work well, its
important to choose stories with a similar situation, message, or characters. For example,
Barn Burning and The Man Who Was . . . show the plight of tenant farmers, and
Hazel and Sarty undergo initiations that cause them to question the world of adults.
3. Another approach would be to use the Marcus definition of initiation and discuss three
4. The essay may be one that introduces other English 1102 students to works of fiction and
to outside sources helpful in understanding the fiction. Why is the piece of fiction worth
reading, and what can be learned from outside sources?
Length and Format: The final paper should be no less than 4 typed pages (excluding the works
cited page), not to exceed 7 pages. Use 12 point Times Roman font, with 1 inch margins on all
sides, double-spaced. The scope of the topic should be adjusted to fit the page limit.
Audience and Use of Plot Summary: Assume that your readers have not read the stories or
have read the stories once for enjoyment and have not discussed or written about them, so focus
on how elements work to convey a message; however, plot references (pointing to what happens)
should be used to orient the reader as needed and to provide evidence for inferences and
Required Borrowing from Sources:

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