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Read the question provided below.  Answer the question using 2 single-spaced pages maximum (the page limit does not include references).  Submissions that exceed the page limit will not be graded. Save your Word document using this format: last name_first name_MPH641FinalExam.

This is an individual assignment. Therefore, you should not collaborate with other class members nor should you consult with others who could possibly serve as a resource. Each person must submit an individual assignment to receive credit for the final exam.

All documents should be submitted in Canvas by 6 pm on Friday, December 13, 2019.  You are strongly encouraged to submit your document prior to 6 pm to ensure you have enough time to troubleshoot any technical difficulties which may occur. Late submissions will not be accepted nor will documents which are emailed to me before or after the deadline.

Essay Question

How would you use the Ecological Model to address a problem of obesity in a rural community where the limited availability of healthy food, limited designated recreational space, limited knowledge about the health consequences of high-fat foods, and social patterns of eating that favor big meals were all contributing factors?

Discuss the impact each factor has on rural communities using published peer-reviewed literature.
Use one level to address each factor and include references from published literature to support your suggestions. Be specific about the levels which are being addressed and how the issues mentioned above relate to those levels.
Be specific in your response and cite all references using APA format.  Not more than 25% of your paper should documented as cited in your Turnitin report.

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