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Just do Question 3, What sort of implementation schedule would you recommend for TRC, that is, what steps are important in an orderly implementation of this technology? Explain.
You are required to research software implementation timelines and determine for a company such as TRC, what the components of a system implementation include, and what is the timing by component and overall basis. Including a timeline would be suggested. NOTE: You will find some of the information in the textbook (Chapter 13). Please take advantage of the information contained in the textbook. Your objective is to not merely copy the steps however but to correlate them back to TRC.
Implementation schedule
a. What steps are important in an orderly implementation of this technology
Page 522
b. Provide detail A-J on how they apply to the ability to develop a timeline schedule for TRC
c. Research average implementation schedule
d. Give an estimated implementation schedule for TRC

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