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Prepare a presentation of the research paper submitted in week 6. You are not just copying and pasting from the week 6 research paper. Slides are to be written with bullet-type statements not longer than two-sentence, not paragraphs are used on slides. If you have any questions, either ask or look up what a PowerPoint presentation looks like.

Develop a Final Research Presentation based on your research paper from week 6. Incorporate additional authoritative resources from the APUS Library as needed.

Length: Minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 PowerPoint slides. Title slides that have the same information as a title page does, then you have your content slides, conclusion slide, and reference slide. Your slide needs to have in-text citations for each point that is used not at the end of the slide.

Style: Professional theme. Use APA format for the citations. Use charts, diagrams, and pictures. Keep your text concise, focused, and succinct.

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