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Communicating a clear professional brand with an audience requires aligning your message with effective visual design principles and delivering that message in an authentic and engaging fashion. Now that you’ve developed the content and design for your Professional Brand Presentation Outline, the last step is to deliver your message.

For your Module 6 – Assignment: The Professional Brand Presentation, your goal is to record a presentation of your voice speaking your message over your presentation slides.


Before beginning your presentation slides, it is important to have completed your Module 6 Readings, Videos, and Lessons. It will also be a good idea to look at any instructor feedback on your Professional Brand Presentation Outline and Slides.

Part One: Practicing Your Presentation

Rehearse your presentation several times with a stopwatch. This practice allows you to meet the required timeframe for the Brand Yourself Presentation: 4-5 minutes.

As you practice with a stopwatch, consider what you need to change and adapt to ensure your presentation is 4-5 minutes. Make decisions about cutting and adding sentences, editing, and rewording sentences, and changing or re-arranging sentences to stay on track for time.

The more you practice, the more naturally you will be able to present your brand. Remember that since this project is an extension of yourself, your goal is to speak as naturally and authentically as possible. Do not read from a script. If you find yourself reading, reduce the amount of words in your Presenter’s Notes. The more you practice, the stronger and more effective your presentation delivery will be!

Part Two: Recording Your Presentation

Once you’ve practiced a few times and confirmed with your stopwatch that you are on track for time, you’re ready to record your presentation. You will narrate your slideshow, so in PowerPoint or Keynote, you will record your voice speaking over your slides.

For more information on narrating your slideshow, check out the following tutorials:


How to record your voice over your PowerPoint slides (Links to an external site.)
How to record your voice over your Keynote slides (Links to an external site.)
Note: In Google Slides (Links to an external site.), you will need to download your presentation as a PowerPoint file and record your voice in PowerPoint
After recording your voice presenting over your slideshow, you are ready to submit your project.

Submission Instructions

You will submit a movie file (MOV or MP4) for this assignment. Name the file your surname, module number, and title of the assignment (e.g., surname_M6_ProfessionalBrandPresentation).

If you’re using PowerPoint or Keynote, “export” your slideshow as a movie file in MOV or MP4 format. This is the best way to ensure your slides and your delivery will be properly saved and in sync for your audience.

You have a few options for submitting your movie file:

You can upload your movie file directly to CanvasLinks to an external site.
You can upload your movie file to another file-sharing website (YouTube (Links to an external site.), Viddler (Links to an external site.), Vimeo (Links to an external site.), Dropbox (Links to an external site.), Google Drive (Links to an external site.)) and submit the URL for your project to Canvas
If you experience any technical difficulties in submitting your project, call the Canvas Support Hotline at 844-334-7579.

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