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Conduct three short interviews with people from your surroundings (friends, colleagues, relatives).  You will then write a report of these interviews. Discuss what you learned from this exercise and relate it to material covered in this course.

Use the following questions as your guide:
a) Do you know (or knew) people with HIV/AIDS? Describe your experience with them.
b) Do you think HIV/AIDS is still a major problem in the US? Explain why or why not.
c) What are your views about “risk groups”?
d) Why is it that the African continent (or the Third World in general) is affected so strongly by HIV/AIDS?
e) Do you think HIV/AIDS is still a stigmatized disease?

Note: You can ask the same questions with all three interviewees. You are expected to come up with an additional 2-3 questions on your own. Write a summary and analysis of the interview results and a conclusion. The names of your interviewees are to be kept anonymous but provide a brief background on the person (age, gender, occupation, educational level, relationship to you).
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