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APA Paper: Identifying Unmet Needs in the Community 30%

Talk to a human service professional in your community. Describe the professionals role and what that person sees as an unmet need in the community as it relates to the child protection field. Discuss the Adoption Safe and Families Act as it applies to the service needs that are recommended and include a discussion of the unmet need within the context of the available literature on the topic. The paper should be at least 5 pages in length and written in APA 7th edition style (double spaced, not including cover page or reference page),and include a minimum of 3 references. Make sure to answer the following questions:What is the human services professionals role? What one service would the professional like to see developed within the field of child protection? What specific need would that service meet? What client population would that service address? How would this service or program enhance the environment for clients? How would this enhance the functioning of clients with their environment? How could the clients who need this service be mobilized to work on their behalf? How does relevant legislation, such as the Adoption Safe and Families Act apply to the recommendation or provision of this needed service?

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