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Read the Introduction (pages 1-10) to There Is No Planet B. Then, using the attached document file, write an essay in which you to the following:
Summarize the Introduction in a single introductory paragraph. – This summary should include the complete, properly capitalized and spelled  and MLA formatted title of the book, the full name of the author properly spellled and capitalized. Further, this summary should also include a brief 1-2 sentence presentation of the author’s credentials.
Properly signal (According to Berners-Lee…or Berners-Lee argues) quote, and cite (in MLA style) what you believe to be the main argument offered in the Introduction.
Then, explain the quoted argument in your own words.
Respond (with either agreement, disagreement, or partial agreement) to the author’s argument AND explain the reasons for your response. This statement should be your thesis statement and become the guiding statement for the remainder of your essay.
Develop 2-4 body paragraphs that meet the following requirements:
Each body paragraph must begin with a declarative sentence that explains a particular reason or insight related to the thesis statement
Each body paragraph must include 2 supportive quotations from appropriate academic sources  you gather on your own (including, but not limited to There Is No Planet B). Using these sources requires you to properly introduce the authors and article titles the first time you quote from them. Quotations must be properly signaled and cited.
Further, you must follow all quotations by an explanation of some kind.Each body paragraph should end with 2-3 synthesizing/summative sentences that brings the paragraph together and begins a transition to the next paragraph.
6. Develop a 5-8 sentence conclusion.


7. Create a correct MLA8 style Works Cited page that includes There Is No Planet B (I have created this citation for you in the attached document file) and any other sources you used

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