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Please respond to 3 prompts (needed material are in uploads)

1. Reflect on the textbook reading Chapter 4 Health for All?

a. Describe the perspectives of Universal Primary Health Care and Selective Primary Health Care, highlight what is the same and what is different between the 2 perspectives

2. In Chapter 4, there is mention of a turn toward cost effectiveness as a measure of success in global healthcare.  In your reading materials for this week, there is a list of success elements for global health work.

a. Select 2 of the success elements you believe should be added to global healthcare measurement that also illustrate success and explain why

3. Reflect on the Gofin Chapter 5 COPH. The concepts of TOP DOWN and BOTTOM UP are presented

a. Describe, from readings and from your own understanding and/or experiences, the roles/responsibilities that global public health can/should or does not play in promoting Health for All. Please illustrate your points using any 2 of the historical examples described in our Textbook reading (Chapter 4) were they top down or bottom up? Explain your answer.

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