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Application of the EbM Steps Presentation

Describe your chosen business management issue.

Globalization and Technological Advancement

Explain the goal(s) organizational leadership would like to achieve with regard to the issue.

Describe any successes in solving the issue that have already been achieved and the improvements that are still needed.

Analyze the needs of the internal and external stakeholders with regard to the issue.

Identify the stakeholders.

Explain how and why they are affected by the issue.

Explain what they already know about the issue and what they still need to know.

Explain what the stakeholders will do with the information you are presenting.

Explaining Your Approach and Research

Provide the KPQs and/or KAQs you created for your chosen business management issue.

Describe the types of data you identified as needed to address the issue. 

Explain the role of the organization’s IT department and professionals in the data collection process. 

Describe the methodologies that could be used to analyze the data.  Be sure to include both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Summarize the example source of data that you researched. 

Describe the source of the data.

Identify the methodology used to collect the data.

Share an example of actual data you have located.

Defend the validity and reliability of both the data and its source.

Share one of the articles from a year-to-date professional, peer-reviewed journal that you chose in support of your efforts to resolve the issue.

Analyze the value of the information found in the article in addressing the business issue.

What insights did you gain from the article?

How might the information be applied to the business issue?

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