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One of the primary interests of this course has been to explore more explicitly the topic of architectural discourse and to prompt you to formulate your own position. The topic of your essay can be a reflection on a particular point of view expressed in the essays.
Try to move it beyond simply a statement of interest(s) or a re-statement of others interests, and instead discuss why you feel a particular voice or POV is significant. Support your statements and observations with examples from others. Think about the range of viewpoints we encountered, from those concerned with the discipline to those concerned with modes of practice. The hope is that you enjoy the chance to state and explore your own view of architecture and to persuade your audience that it matters.

I have uploaded 23 essays below, ofcourse you do not have to use all of them, but try to at least address 3-5 or more.
Please find a topic to write about that is interesting to do with Architecture and formulate your own argument too on why it is important, referring to other readings.
No outside sources please
Use footnotes and proper citations of the work of others.
Feel free to also use images , as long as you cite them

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