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Are we Humans Free?

The paper must be 6 pp. long. It must be written in academic language (TNR 12, margins: 1.5, spacing: 1.5). ALL the sources used must be cited (follow the Chicago Manual of Style; see: https://rdc.libguides.com/c.php?g=372661&p=2697614). I’ll be looking for evidence that you really engaged into a reading and careful study of the texts we discussed throughout the semester. Please work ***only and exclusively*** with the textbook and the supplementary material I uploaded to Blackboard

Suggested topic: Defend one of the three standard views on freedom discussed by Chaffee in his textbook (hard determinism, compatibilism, indeterminism). Integrate, even by discussing it critically, Strawson’s compatibilist view into your essay.

The main source needed: The Philosopher’s Way 5th edition

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