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argumentative essay on Cultural appropriation

For your second essay, you will read an article on Cultural Appropriation, and then either agree or
disagree with the authors position using the material youve read this section for support.
First, read the article by K. Tempest Bradford at the end of this document. Ive also posted the link
to the original document in Canvas.
Second, take a position on the authors main point, which is that cultural appropriation is wrong.
Third, develop your essay by briefly stating the authors thesis, and then present your argument
either supporting the authors position or going against it. In either case, in your thesis state
specifically why you think the author is right/wrong.
Fourth, for support use only the readings youve done for this section (including any optional
readings). Do not do any additional research for your paper.
You need to refer to at least two of the readings/selections from this section on cultural
appropriation for support.
This is an essay, and so you should develop it using the elements of introduction/attention
device, thesis statement with main points, body paragraphs, direct quotations/paraphrasing,
and concluding paragraph/statement.
In terms of development and structure, you should refer to the list of Rhetorical Modes from
Week 8 (comparison/contrast, illustration, description, cause/effect, etc.). The modes help to
organize your thoughts and create a sense of purpose and direction for your essay.
For citation purposes, choose from either MLA or APA format, and be consistent throughout.
You need direct quotations and/or paraphrases from the sources you choose.
You must have a Works Cited/References page, and that page should always start on a new page
after the main text of your essay (use Page Break in MS Word to start a new page in your
document, and the text will start at the top of the new page).
Your paper should be written in 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins.
A good length is approximately 2 and one-half to 3 pages, not counting your works
cited/references page. Do not write more than 4 pages of text, and no less than 2 full pages.
I will give you an optional dropbox where you can submit a draft of your working thesis
statement for feedback; watch Canvas for announcements.
Read the articles cultural appropriation is infact indefensible by K. Tempest Bradford
and Arguments over the appropriation of culture have deep roots by By VIET THANH NGUYEN

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