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Answer the attached questions. The question’s answers should be 4-6 sentences long and contain one source with an APA style citation (references do not count towards word count). The citation should be listed right under the question’s answer.

You will find ALL the question answers that are listed in the references that are included (the sources are attached in the best order to correspond with the questions). Please only use references listed for questions and in-text citations.


Questions 1, 5, 6, 7, 10
Meaning of Life from Cooper, D.E. (2003). Meaning. (pp. 133-149). Bucks, UK: Acumen Publishing.
Chapter 7, pp. 126-142

Questions 2, 3, 11
Meaning and the Arts from Cooper, D.E. (2003). Meaning. (pp. 114-132). Bucks, UK: Acumen Publishing.
Chapter 6, pp. 107-125

Questions 4, 9
Gilman, C.P. (2008). Herland. Project Gutenberg EBook.

Questions 6, 7, 8
Orwell, G. 1984. Originally published in 1949. Project Gutenberg EBook.

Question 12
Chapter 2: Machine Age Dystopias of Dinello, D. (2005). Technophobia!: Science Fiction Visions of Posthuman Technology. (pp. 48-53). Austin, TX: University of Texas Press
Chapter 2, pp. 48-53

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