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Article Critique

When conducting your research, look for articles that are specific to counseling theories, not teaching.

When writing your critique of the article, think about topics such as:

-application in the school setting
-relevance to school counseling
-connection with school age population
-school change interventions
-connection of theorist or theory with current education issues, etc.

A copy of the article must accompany your final paper. APA format is required. Paper must include a title page, abstract page, 3-4 pages of content (including appropriate headings, headers, and page numbers) and a reference page.

Objective assessed in this assignment:

Demonstrate beginning level of information literacy by searching library databases, locating, and critiquing articles relating to the application of theory in the school setting

Article link below:


Please let me know if you’re having a hard time opening the above article link.

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