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Articles Review / Answer Questions

Pick two questions from the list under the article you chose and discuss. Also use another article from this week as a reference in your paper. Your paper should be no more than two-pages.

Please makes sure and state which article you are using in your introduction.

You will need three sources for this paper: 1) The initial article you pick, 2) The second article you want to use, and 3) an outside source (Internet, article, etc.).

I Provided the 3rd source ” SEX EDUCATION IN AMERICA”

Laurie Essig and Lynn Owens, What if Marriage Is Bad For Us?

1.    How is the (Western) institution of marriage different today than it has been historically? What are some of the changes that have occurred in how we think about marriage?
2.    Do you agree with Essig and Owens reasons for rejecting marriage? Are some reasons more or less compelling than others? Explain.
3.    In what ways does access to marriage aid same-sex couples? Why might same-sex couples have an emotional and political investment in marriage?
4.    Do you think that marriage inherently supports the status quo? How might same-sex spouses (and parents) challenge traditional assumptions about what marriage and family means, particularly in terms of gendered roles for husbands versus wives?
5.    If you are or have been married, what do you think of Essig and Owens analysis of marriage? If you are not currently married, do you see yourself wanting to get married in the future? Why or why not?

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