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Artificial Sweeteners

Research Artificial Sweeteners and complete the following:

Identify what some of the more common artificial sweeteners are out on the market (including some from nutritional/herbal sources like Stevia)
Give a brief description of each
Give your thoughts on which one is the “best” overall and why
Research the overall safety of artificial sweeteners used today. Are some considered to be safer to use than others or at least claim to be safer than others? Why do people fear artificial sweeteners?
Look in the grocery store or your home and locate 7 common prepared foods that contain artificial sweeteners
Do not copy a list you may find on the internet of surprising foods that contain artificial sweeteners.  If you copy and paste the Healthcastle website list, you will receive a zero for the assignment.
Read the label to determine if there is an artificial sweetener contained in the food.
Locate at least 7 items that contain artificial sweeteners and answer the following:
Who is the food primarily geared towards (kids, dieters, diabetics)?
Is it clearly displayed on the label that an artificial sweetener is contained in the food?
Are these items being deceptively sold to the average consumer with artificial sweeteners?
Explain how they are or are not misleading to the consumer.
Is the food considered to be a meal, healthy snack, sweet snack, etc.?
Discuss the significance of these foods in our everyday life. How do they compare to the regular foods? How do they fit into the food pyramid, etc.
Are they more expensive than the regular food even when considering overall package size?
Overall do you think that the foods that you found with artificial sweeteners were significant or beneficial? Is it better off to just eat the natural food instead but simply cut the portion sizes?

3-4 pages
please cite credible sources and address EVERY point

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