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arugement culture

Argumentative-persuasive synthesis essay
In a world rife with the cacophony of one-sided narratives, aggressive debates, and bitter conflicts, how can we find truth and achieve reconciliation?

Develop your answer into an argumentative-persuasive synthesis essay with a strong, clear thesis, solid supporting argument,  evidence, rebuttal of a counterargument, and analysis. 

Incorporate at least 3 sources into your essay to prove your main argument and claims. The sources are listed below:

A private experience by Chimamanda N. Adichie.
The danger of a single story by Adichie.
The argument culture by Dr. Deborah Tannen.
There are 3 sides to every argument by William Ury.
Visualize an audience who hasn’t read the sources.  When you quote, paraphrase or present evidence from the sources in  the body paragraphs, give enough background information without over-elaborating.

Follow up each piece of evidence with detailed analysis to illustrate how the claim and thesis are supported by the evidence.

Criteria for success
Organize your response as a 700-800 word academic essay with an introduction, body, and a conclusion.
Write a cohesive and interesting essay that answers the prompt.
Include a clear, focused thesis, strong supporting arguments, compelling evidence, counterpoint, rebuttal, and detailed and convincing analyses in your essay.
Include an original title that intrigues or orients the reader to your main argument (The name of the assignment, source titles etc. are NOT acceptable titles.)
Use logic, reasoning, expert opinions, and emotional language/ pathos to make your writing convincing and persuasive.
Demonstrate audience awareness.
Transition smoothly between ideas, sentences, paragraphs, and sections.
Have sentence variety and sentence focus.
Observe the conventions of academic writing. Demonstrate your ability to use grammar, punctuation, and formatting suitable for college
Cite your sources in text and in the works cited section using the MLA format.

Should be at least 100-120 words.
Have an attention grabber opener that piques the interest of the reader.   
Provide relevant background information.
Have a clear, focused thesis that guides the reader through your essay.  The thesis should follow the Topic/Comment Model and unify the essay.

Support your main argument and claims with quotes, paraphrases, and other forms of evidence from the sources.
Have topic sentences that introduce your paragraphs and signal transitions.
Have claims that are opinions not facts.
To prove your thesis, include at least 1 claim / point and 1 counter argument & rebuttal / concession.
Support each claim with evidence.
Incorporate specific evidence that reinforce and prove your claim.
Integrate the evidence into the essay. Provide context / background information about the speaker/author before introducing the quote.
Effectively introduce quotations and paraphrases.
Use at least 1 quote in the essay.
Thoroughly explain your claims and evidence with lengthy and detailed analyses that connect back to your thesis and claim.

Add a conclusion that sums up your essay without being too repetitive or boring
Should be about at least 100-120 words.
In a few sentences, explain why this topic is relevant today and what is at stake if we do not aim for reconciliation.
End in a thought-provoking, interesting note.

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