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Assignment 2

Myths Assignment Final 30% (15% of full year mark): November 30th
You will be asked to produce a final research product based on your myths research proposal. The research product must include:
1.    A well-researched and well-cited exploration of your myth that highlights the origins of the myth, who it benefits, who it harms, who is fighting against it, and how it upholds the Canadian state. You can use the guiding questions provided in the research proposal assignment to help you organize your research and product.
2.    An example of how the myth shows up in popular culture.
3.    A complete and properly-formatted bibliography
4.    A justification for the format you chose to use. This should be a brief paragraph submitted with your bibliography.

Recommended length:
Because this assignment can be done in many different formats it is difficult to recommend one length. You should be able to answer all the assignment criteria clearly and thoughtfully. If this were a traditional written assignment, I would ask for approximately 6 pages, double spaced, with 12-point font.

Marking Scheme: out of 30.

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