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Your paper is called a “Proposal” and it must address the following:
a specific threat to aviation security and
your idea(s) for how to address that threat
This Proposal should be at least 600-800 words (minimum 2 pages). 
You need to describe the threat in as clear a manner as possible.  You can either (a) identify something new that has not been addressed but that you think is important; or (b) select an existing threat that you will address in a new and unique way.
Your Proposal must include reference(s) to the text or specific assigned readings that relate to your Proposal.
You need to then describe your solution or your idea to address that threat.  It could be (a) a way to avoid it, (b) a change in laws or rules that addresses it, (c) new technology that identifies or eliminates it, or (d) something else.
It must include references to resources in support of your proposal.  This might be from library resources, journal articles, or other similar materials.

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