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Bars, Strip Clubs and Churches: U.S. Virus Outbreaks Enter Unwieldy Phase

current  EventThis assignment is intended to demonstrate the relatedness of psychology to everyday life anywhere in the world.  You will focus your discussion around a particular chapter(s) and relate specific concepts from that chapter(s) to your articles.  Please review the text and find a chapter(s) that is/are interesting to you.  Familiarize yourself with that chapter(s) and find a current event that is related in some way.    THIS ARTICLES MUST COME FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES.  NO OTHER PAPER CAN BE USED. THEY MUST BE CURRENT, NO MORE THAN ONE YEAR OLD!!!  You are NOT looking for psychological articles, but any articles of interest to you.  For example, the recent Covid 19 pandemic, Trumps tweeting, Kim Jong-un, various states positions on transgender individuals, politicians views on climate change, parenting, police response to minorities suspected of criminal activity, divisiveness of the political climate or health, demonstrations sweeping the country.  There are no limitations.  Once you have selected your articles and the corresponding chapter(s) you must do the following:Introduce the 2 articles briefly summarize the articles and why you chose themIntroduce the appropriate chapters and how they are relatedIdentify any concepts(MUST BE AT LEAST 16) from the chapter(s) that are relevantIdentify which sentence(s) in the article relates

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