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BCO221 Global Economics 4th industrial revolution and economic development

 Main task Write a report following the below points: 1. Cover 2. Table of contents 3. Brief description of the 4th industrial revolution 4. How the 4th industrial revolution is contributing to the globalization process provide DATA to back up your answers, and explain the CONNECTION of the X and M with the 4th industrial revolution: a. amount of X and M of goods per year b. amount of X and M of services per year c. amount of X and M of intangible capital per year d. amount of X and M of money per year e. amount of movement of people per year 5. Which are the countries that are benefiting the most of the 4th industrial revolution? WHY? Back up your answers with DATA. 6. Conclusions 7. References FORMAT Your submission must meet the following formatting requirements: Submit one file(s) only. Required file format for main submission: PDF. Additional file format for additional deliverables: Choose an option. Additional file requirements: Type additional requirement info or None. Other details: Font size 12 Single-spaced Add references along the text to know where the data and information comes from. See Harvard-intext citation guidelines: https://www.bcu.ac.uk/library/services-and-support/referencing/harvard/in-textcitations Number of words: 1750 

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