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Behavioral Economics

I need a paper of 10 pages for my Nudging Class. The title should be ” How to Nudge  investors to make better choices”.
The paper should be : While flexible if you prefer a different structure, I strongly recommend you keep in mind the BASIC framework from OECD that we have discussed in class. Accordingly, your paper could have a structure similar to the following:

I.              Behavioral problem (identify a behavioral problem, and explain its importance; eg: there are not enough organ donors, this is relevant because)

II.              Behavioral analysis (analyze the problem from the behavioral point of view: is it a problem of attention? Belief formation? Choice? Determination? What are the biases or behavioral regularities involved in the undesirable behavior? Eg: for organ donation there could be several explanantion, a possible one: determination as in I want to be an organ donor, but I dont wanna think about it now)

III.            Behavioral solution (identify the kind of intervention that in your opinion would be useful to correct the undesirable behavior; eg. For organ donation, use the Default effect)

IV.            Behavioral intervention (this comprises an experimental step, in which you test your hypothesized solution, and a deployed solution; eg, for organ donation, change the forms when renewing driving license of course you are not required to carry out neither of these steps, but you would need to think about possible experimental design.)

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