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Being The Minority Assignment: Christianity (Baptist Church) Vs. Muslim (Mosque)

Identify a setting in which you are a minority. (Going to a Mosque) You will attend an event in this sitting at some point during the course of class. You could choose to attend a church with different racial, ethnic, or religious background; a cultural fair; a cultural class; etc.

Seek: permission to sit in on one of these events or functions for at least 1 hour.

Document the cultural experience as you are observing it. Be sure to focus on way in which you feel included and excluded in the group. Track any of your automatic thoughts (positive or negative) about your experience.

Reflect on the extent to which the event is similar to a synonymous event in your own culture

Interview at least one person who is engaged in the event as a member of the community. Inquire about my microggressions they many have experience about their culture. Inquire about the effects that both covert and overt experiences have had on this individual’s mental health.

Submit notes and observations, including a description of the event, your thoughts and feelings about the event from an outsider’s perspective, your understanding of the event from the perspective of the members of the community, and how members of the target community experience being different (as seen positively and negatively) from other groups.

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