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Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Review Chapters 13 and 19 in your textbook, God with Us: An Introduction to the Old Testament.
Review the following in a standard translation of the Bible:

    1 and 2 Kings
    Isaiah 52:1315 and 53
    Jeremiah 2933

Write a paper addressing the following:

    Describe three major sins of Israel and Judah as revealed in 1 and 2 Kings and addressed by the prophets. Provide support for your answer using properly cited references from Chapter 13 and/or 19 of your textbook. (500 words)
    Briefly describe the ministries of the prophets Elisha and Jeremiah.  What does each of their ministries reveal about the nature and characteristics of God?  Provide support for your answer using properly cited references from Chapters 13 and 19 of your textbook. (600 words)
        Helpful references for Elisha are found in 2 Kings chapters 2-13  and Chapter 13 in your textbook.
        Helpful references for Jeremiah include Chapter 19 in your textbook and Jeremiah 2933.
    Isaiah 52:1315 and Isaiah 53 have been interpreted by Christians to refer to Jesus.  Use the cross-reference feature in your Bible (the small italicized letters inserted behind words or phrases) to list the New Testament references to these passages.  What do these passages teach us about Jesus? (500 words)

Be sure to cite and reference your textbook where you quote or paraphrase the authors thoughts.  Cite scriptures you use in your paper.  All citations should be formatted using correct APA format.
Copy the questions into the body of your paper and answer the questions in well-written paragraphs.

    Your responses should demonstrate understanding (synthesis) of the material.  Simple lists or sentence fragments are not acceptable.
    Whenever possible, apply the principles learned to life in the twenty-first century.

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