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Big Question

Your “Big Question”:

If you had all the time and money in the world, what would you research or investigate?  This assignment is designed to get you thinking about issues an topics that interest you, and to begin thinking about how one can apply holism to topics that don’t – at the surface – seem to relate to disparate subfields in anthropology.

NOTE:  We began this exercise in Week 2 of class.  Here, you should flesh out your “big question” from your notes.  We will have other opportunities to work this out, leading to potential topics for the final MEAD Projects, examples for your elevator pitches, etc.

In a post of app. 250 words (yes you can have more), address the following. 
1. Describe those human-primate problems, concerns, or issues drive you and inspire you through the lens of a mega-reserach project or public good project.  What are the general issues, themes, concerns?
2. How would you go about looking at this issue engaging empiricism and holism?
3. What drives you to this topic or research?  Explain how you “got here.”

The Short Activities Rubric will be used to grade this exercise.
1. Anthropological Perspectives (1) Exhibits awareness and understanding of ethnocentrism, cultural relativity, contexts, and power in all activities;
2. Course Concepts & Examples (1) Directly and appropriately utilizes course terminology in all writing and activities; Describes and utilizes appropriate examples from course materials (readings, films, individual fieldwork, media sources);
3. Follows Instructions & Puts in Effort (3)  Is this a compare/contrast discussion?  Did you find outside sources if required?  Were you supposed to upload an image?  Follow the directions!!  And put in some effort.

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