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Biological Anthropology: Racism

This course introduced you to the four subfields of Anthropology, biological anthropology is one of them, please delve deeper into the chosen subfield (biological anthropology). Your response should be at least 2 pages (minimum 1000
words) and you should draw on eight concepts from your textbook. Underline and bold each concept.
Race is a social construct with very real consequences. As with many social constructs they vary depending on location. Discuss racism in the local (QATAR) and regional (MENA) context.
This is where you demonstrate your capacity to ‘think anthropologically’ about racism in the local context. This write-up should demonstrate not only an exploration of your cultural awareness and ability to describe aspects of it but also provide an in-depth analysis, through a holistic perspective, of the culture and the topic that you research along with any people that you observed. It should draw from concepts in the course readings, lectures, and the literature that you collected as well as the observations you collected. The point is to dig down to the cultural models and assumptions inherent in
the things which you examined.
Area of study should be Qatar and MENA region. discuss racism in qatar and how the intercultural guidance and world cup 2022 might change racism within the qatari society.
-the eight concepts from the textbook should be: Human Variation, Human Adaptation, Genetics, Ethnicity and Race, Religion (talk about how racism in Islam is viewed), culture, biological anthropology, biculturalism.

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