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ANALYZE NEWS RELATED TO ANY TOPIC IN THIS COURSE: Find a current article in your local newspaper or any publication that carries news related to Human Biology. Write a summary and analyze the article by answering the following questions:

1. What sort of language does the writer use? Do the words imply sensationalism or conclusive findings? Phrases such as startling revelation or now we know or the study proved are clues to whether the report is sensational one.

2. Does the article imply that the current finding wipes out all that has gone before it? Can you detect a broad understanding of this topic on the writers part?

3. Does the article mention whether the research results under discussion are published in a medical or nutrition journal?

4. How were the results obtained? Can you tell from the article whether this was a case study, an epidemiological study, an intervention study, or laboratory study? How does the information affect your understanding of what the results have contributed to the science of nutrition?

5. Does the finding apply to you? Should you change your eating patterns because of it?

6. Does the finding make sense to you in light of what you know? You may not know enough to make the judgment yet.

Please enclose the title, author, source and date for your article. Make sure to:

1. Use current news. Use Science section of New York Times, Newsday or any scientific journal.

2. Summarize and explain the article to the class, same as if you were making a presentation.

3. Do the analysis by answering the above questions.

4. Use topics related to nutrition only.

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