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Biomedical Ethical Issues Regarding COVID-19 & Pandemics

I. Introduction
Basic Essay Structure
-Describe the problem on which you are focusing. What is the debate? Briefly summarize your position, the objection you are considering, and how you intend to respond to the objection.
II. Your Argument
-Present your own argument. You should aim to expand upon, reject, modify, or otherwise contribute to some aspect of an ongoing discussion.
III. Objection
-Set up the objection from your “opponent” as clearly and fairly as possible. Be sure to represent their position accurately (as if it were your own position). This objection can come from a real or imagined opposing side. Basically, you should present what you take to be the strongest and most legitimate objection to your own view.
IV. Your Response
-Provide a response to the objection in defense of your own position.
V. Conclusion
-Similar to the introduction; summarize what you’ve done in the paper and how you’ve done it. Don’t add anything new in the conclusion; only refer to points that are already addressed within the paper.

Biomedical Ethical Issues Regarding COVID-19 & Pandemics
o COVID-19 and distribution of ventilators and other scarce medical resources o Impacts of COVID-19 on health insurance coverage due to unemployment
o Ethics of vaccination as it relates to COVID-19
o Professional ethics and obligations regarding COVID-19 and personal risk

Each student must select at least two academic sources besides the assigned course reading (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles, books, or book chapters) to cite in their essay. Students may incorporate and cite assigned course readings in their papers in addition to citing two other academic sources. Short book reviews in academic journals (usually 2-3 pages) will not count as one of the two required academic sources. Besides academic works, relevant news articles may be cited as needed, though these do not count as academic sources. Please reach out if you have any questions about what counts as an academic works, or whether particular sources that you have found are academic sources.

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