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By now you have read about communication, specifically human language and know that language (words) are symbolic and make meaning.  Language is a powerful cultural tool . It shapes and reshapes our way of going about life in many cases.  For example, look at some of the rhetoric used today, passionate vocal displays concerning human rights in the U.S.

I want you to look at the language and the power in the Black LIves Matters movement and those who are so offended by this movement.  Try to look at both sides and analyze the language on both sides to see the power behind words .  Take one example from each side of this movement and then is there any way we can possibly overcome such hatred and racist statements by people who do not understand that racism is a form of institutional slavery. How would you as an anthropologist then go about trying to resolve some of the issues .  What would you say if someone said that their words were freedom of speech and were protected.

In this question(s) , there are lots of ways in which this paper could answer .  850 words min .  100 points

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